-Ankle Locks-

 Straight Ankle Lock from Butterfly Guard

Jon Foster

Time: 3:06

Nice attack!! Drill, Drill, Drill!!

Berimbolo Ankle lock Escape

BJJ Revolution BR

Time: 4:09

This is an awesome escape. Drill, Drill, Drill!!

Ankle Lock

Paramount Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Time: 1:48

Nice set up for the ankle lock! Drill, Drill, Drill!

 Ankle Lock from bottom Mount

Ritchie Yip

Time: 4:03

I don't no? What do you think? Tell us in the Discussion Forum!


 Ankle Lock from Open Guard

Ricardo Cavalcanti

Time: 2:15

Very cool ankle lock, this is a good idea.

 Ankle Lock

Triton Fight Center

Time: 4:21

This is how I do my ankle locks. Falling over the shoulder is the way to go.

 Ankle Lock from De La Riva


Time: 1:46

Pretty slick ankle lock! I'm putting this one in my tool box.

Ankle Lock from Guard

Renato Tavares

Time: 1:48

This is pretty cool. watch out for reaping the knee.

 Ankle Lock Belly Down

Revolution BJJ

Time: 1:28

A little tricky to get the right position, but very cool submission.

Ankle Lock How Not to Reap

Brandon Quick

Time: 6:13

Some details about how not to reap the knee, and a straight ankle lock.