Berimbolo Defense - Xande Ribeiro


Time: 7:27

This is a good counter to the berimbolo, but it must be drilled!!  

 Berimbolo Counter with Reberimbolo Back Take


Time: 5:08

Very nice counter to the berimbolo, this one is going in the tool box for sure.

 Berimbolo Defense

Reza Monfaradi

Time: 1:18

Nice defense, got to drill this one.

Berimbolo Counter


Time: 1:22

Nice berimbolo counter to the back.

Berimbolo Defense

Jason Scully

Time: 7:30

Good counter for the berimbolo. Jason Scully has it down.

 Berimbolo Defense

Purebred Guam

Time: 3:27

Cool this work good. Stop them break the grip and get up.

 Berimbolo Counter

VT1 Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Time: 2:10

This is cool, I see it all the time in competition.