Berimbolo Variation: Paulo Miayo & Gui Mendes


Time: 6:01

Nice variation, lots of details!


 How to do the Berimbolo

Stephan Kesting

Time: 9:05

this is for sure the easiest way to do the Berimbolo.

 Berimbolo Basics

Daniel Faggella

Time: 2:09

This is a basic set up for the berimbolo from the knee up position.

Advanced Berimbolo with the Miyao Brothers

Run Taildat

Time: 1:58

The Miyao brothers are really good. I like how they make it look easy, and roll into a bunch of submissions.

 Tornado Guard / Berimbolo Sweep Options - RFLX Training Center


Time: 1:12

Cool set for the berimbolo, and the tornado guard.

The Real Berimbolo - Mendes Bros

Guilherme and Rafael Mendes

Time: 10:52

The Mendes Brothers take you step by step through the berimbolo.

Hook Sweep to Berimbolo


Time: 2:59

Cool set up for the berimbolo from the hook sweep. Put this one in the tool box.

 Reverse Berimbolo - Kiss of Dragon

Jason Scully

Time: 5:42

 This is a vrey high percentage sweep. Need to drill it a lot, but it works.

De La Riva Berimbolo


Time: 2:49

Cool berimbolo from the De La Riva guard. This is how I first learned it.

 Berimbolo to Mount


Time: 2:18

This is great. I do this sometimes.


Colton Parsons

Time: 4:32

Nice sweep, you have to do it fast.