-Butterfly Guard-


 Butterfly Guard Pass - Kurt Osiander

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Kurt Osiander

Time: 3:04

Good pass. I use it in combination with other passes. Sometimes you have to use one pass then switch to another.

 How to pass the Butterfly Guard - Renato Tavares

Renato Tavares

Time: 2:07

This pass works good too. Controlling the foot help you pass, but if they have good hips it might be a challenge.

 Butterfly Guard Pass

Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu

Time: 1:26

I like this pass, works good.

 Butterfly Guard Passing Series - Caio Terra


Time: 10:55

Some great pass variations by Caio Terra.

 Butterfly Guard Passes - Dennis Asche


Time: 5:18

This pass is a good one. pratice and you will get it.

 Butterfly Guard Pass to the Back - Caio Terra

Caio Terra

Time: 1:18

Nice back take, but you have to do it fast. I find when I get the back, my opponate rolls and I get side control.