-Butterfly Guard-

 Attacks and Sweeps

Butterfly Sweep: Jeff Joslin

Jeff Joslin

Time: 6:14

This is a very cool sweep, thinking outside the box!


 Butterfly Guard Attacks - Marcelo Garcia


Time: 3:58

When you start hitting the butterfly sweep regularly, it won't be long before your training partner starts to post the arm out. Marcelo shows how he reacts to the post.

 Butterfly Guard Sweep Basics


Time: 17:02

                                           Butterfly guard sweep basics from various Linhares seminars. This is very good. He go's through all the basics and some sweeps.

 Butterfly Guard Attacks - Fernando Maccachero

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp

Time: 4:05

I like these set ups. Works good to. I like the head and arm choke.

3 Hook Sweeps from Butterfly Guard

BJJ Revolution BR

Time: 8:06

Some really good tips and some nice sweeps from the butterfly guard.

 Attacks for the Butterfly Guard


Time: 2:19

Two nice chokes, the second one has a good set up, and works really good.

Butterfly Guard Elevator Sweep

Valhalla Academy

Time: 2:01

Simple and a high percentage sweep. The arm drag works the best.

Butterfly Guard Arm Drag- Adam " Soul Horse" Song

Adam Song MMA

Time: 2:47

Nice set ups off the arm drag.

Setting up Butterfly Guard - Saulo Ribeiro

BJJ Library

Time: 11:45

Great video, little bit of everything butterfly!