-De La Riva Guard-


Shutting Down De La Riva/Berimbolo - Marcelo Garcia


Time: 12:08

Good details about passing the De La Riva guard by back stepping. Once you get your balance this will work for you. 

De La Riva Guard Pass - Saulo Ribeiro


Time: 7:16

Master Saulo Ribeiro shows, first how to deal with the De La Riva hook, then how to pass.

 De La Riva Guard Passes

Brandon Quick

Time: 2:59

These passes will work good, but remember they only work if your opponent doesn't have your foot.

 De La Riva Pass - Tarcisio Jardim


Time: 2:29

This is the perfect example of killing the hips. Good pass.

De La Riva Passes

Jiu Jitsu Matrix

Time: 5:07

Good way to release the hand off of the foot. Couple of good pass options as well.

 De La Riva Pass to Choke

Damian Hirtz

Time: 3:21

Nice cut pass from the De La Riva guard, right into a cross choke.

De La Riva Pass


Time: 4:36

Three great fundamental passes, and a couple of details about removing the hook.