-Closed Guard-


 Five Submissions Attacks from Triangle Guard

VT1 Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Time: 5:31

This video shows the triangle position as a guard. There are a number of attacking positions available from this position.


Great Grappling

Time: 4:53

Everyone needs a good armbar.This is how I learned how to do my first armbar!

 3 Traps from Closed Guard

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 6:31

Ricardo Cavalcanti - 3 traps from closed guard, 3 great set ups and submissions.

Closed Guard Attacks - Cross Grip Series

Chicago Jiu Jitsu

Time: 5:13

This cross grip series is great. I use the cross grip set up all the time. the first sweep works good, and I love the armbar!

 Armbar / Lapel Choke from Closed Guard

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 5:09

The set up for the lapel choke is good, takes some time but works great. Wow the armbar is sneeky!

 Off Balancing to Armbar / Triangle

Training Jiu Jitsu

Time: 2:52

This armbar is tricky but it can be done! Nice set up for the triangle, probably the higher percentage submission.

 Omoplata from Closed Guard

Michael Liera jr.

Time: 2:36

This is awesome! Great set up for the omoplata. I'm putting this one in the toolbox!

Kimura from Guard

Performance MMA

Time: 4:08

Good set up, and even better trick to finish this classic submission.

 Closed Guard Overhook Series

Training Jiu Jitsu

Time: 4:25

I like this Overhook series. Before I started to use alot of open guard stuff, this was my game. Still use it sometimes when I'm tired and looking to stall a bit.

Guillotine Choke

Bestwars Jiu Jitsu

Time: 3:45

The guillotine is a classic submission, Try going for it after a failed hip bump sweep.