-Half Guard-

Attacks and Sweeps

 Catapult Sweep from Half Guard - Adam Cousins

Mike Weichert

Time: 1:11

Adam Cousins show a catapult sweep from the half guard at the GTA Classic in Brampton Ont. Sorry about the sound, turn it up a bit.

 4 Half Guard Attacks


Time: 4:01

Good train of submissions. The triangle is a hard one to get.

 Half Guard Attacks - Julio Fernandez

Richmond BJJ Academy

Time: 2:48

Nice set up with the lapel. Any time I have done it they move away and I go for the omoplata.

Lapel Choke from Half Guard

Performance MMA

Time: 2:57

Nice choke, almost like a darce choke with the lapel.

 Half Guard Sweep - Wrist Control

Great Grappling

Time: 6:01

This is a good Darce defense, into a good high percentage sweep.

 Half Guard Sweep The Insurance Plan

Great Grappling

Time: 5:23

Good details, nice sweep. I like the insurance plan grip.

Half Guard Sweep The Kimura Roll

Great Grappling

Time: 4:30

This is a good technique, I use it all the time.