-Knee Bars-

 Knee Bar from Half Guard Sweep

Ricardo Cavalcanti

Time: 2:07

Really a cool sweep just by it self, the knee bar is extra little gift.

 Knee Bar from Failed Armbar


Time: 3:40

Very cool transition to the knee bar. It just flows.

 Knee Bar

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 3:12

Nice little slick trick to get the knee bar from defending the knee on belly.

 Knee Bar/Toe Hold

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 4:30

Cool set up for the knee bar and a nice toe hold.

Knee Bar 50/50

Dream Killer

Time: 2:45

Bit of a tough set up, can't let them get any grips.

Knee Bar


Time: 1:45

Nice knee bar for when the waiter sweep doesn't work.