-Lapel Guard-

Attacks and Sweeps

Jason Scully - The Worm Guard Study

mma villian

Time: 17:12

This is a very cool video about the worm guard (lapel guard).  

Lapel Guard 5 Sweep Variations

Zicro BJJ


Good Set ups for some awesome sweeps. I love the last one! 

Lapel Secured De La Riva Guard to Berimbolo

Gracie Barra

Time: 6:14

Nice! Right to mount or the back, cool set up with the lapel. 

 The Worm Guard (Lapel Guard): Keenan Cornelius


Time: 8:18

This is an interesting video of Keenan Cornelius, breaking down the lapel guard.

 Worm Guard (lapel guard) Study Drill Session


Time: 5:51

Ken Primola and Steve Linton trying to understand the famous worm guard made famous by Keenan Cornelius.

Armbar / Lapel Choke

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 5:09

The set up for the lapel choke is good, takes some time but works great. Wow the armbar is sneeky!

 Lapel Guard Introductory - Keenan Cornelius

Keenan Cornelius

Time: 4:52

long set up time, you have to think in inches not in the hole technique.

Lapel Guard - Jude Samuel


Time: 4:41

Nice sweep , but a lot of set up time.

 Lapel Guard Back Take

Nick Sanders BJJ

Time: 5:05

I love how you can take the back from just about every guard. Now you no how to do it from the lapel guard.