-Lasso Guard-


Lose the Leg Lasso- JT Torres


Time: 3:39

This is the pass I use. I love it. Haven't had any trouble with it.

Lasso Pass - Josh Mancuso

BJJ Revolution BR

Time: 1:51

I find you have to move the wrist around the leg as soon as they get the lasso guard, Dance around the leg and your home free.

 Lasso Guard Escape

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 2:38

That's a good pass. Lots of control and by the time you get your arm back you have passed.

Lasso Guard Pass - Nathan Mendelsohn


Time: 2:31

Nice pass! I love to jump over the legs.

 Lasso Guard Pass - Jory Malone

Revolution Mixed Martial Arts

Time: 2:46

Good sweep, good detail. I'm not a big step back fan, but it works.

 Lasso Guard Pass and Giggler Sweep

BJJ Vault

Time: 12:57

Nice tip about moving the arm to block the lasso hook.Good pass, and you get a half guard sweep as well.