-Lasso Guard-

 Attacks and sweeps

  Lasso Guard Scissor Sweep

your jiujitsu

Time: 2:18

Dawg Jiu Jitsu's Mike Weichert shows a scissor sweep from the lasso guard for the technique of the week on Rogers T.V.

Rolling Armbar from the Lasso Guard

Mike Weichert

Time: 3:06

Mike weichert shows us how to do a rolling armbar from the lasso guard for Rogers T.V.'s Technique of the week.


Lasso Guard Sweep with Omoplata- Andre Galvao


Time: 6:44

Andre Galvao shows the lasso guard. The sweep works good , but the omoplata is a lot harder than it looks on the video.

 Lasso Sweep Variations

gfteam london

Time: 3:28

Two sweeps and there variations, plus an omoplata at the end. The more options the better!

Choke from Lasso Guard - AJ Agazarm


Time: 3:35

I have tried this choke lots of times, and I even pull it off the odd time. lots of set up time, but if they don't no whats going on they put that head in all the time and I can get the choke.

 Lasso Guard Sweep- Romulo Barral


Time: 8:02

We call this sweep the dump sweep, dew to the fact that it is hard to get them up in the air. You have to dump them forward and get on top. For big guys anyways!

 Lasso Guard to Spinning Omoplata Sweep


Time: 3:10

This sweep work real good if you opponent stands up when you have the lasso guard.

Lasso Wrist look- Samir Chantre

CTRL Industries

Time: 2:20

I use this wrist lock! Real sneaky and if you do it right it will work every time.