Unstoppable Mount Escape


Time: 4:22

Professor Gustavo Gasperin shows how to use the trap and roll and elbow escape in combination.

 Mount Escape - Roy Dean

Roy Dean

Time: 8:26

Pretty much all the escapes you need!

 High Mount Escape - Kurt Osiander

Brazilian Jiu jitsu with Kurt Osiander

Time: 3:45

Love Kurt Osiander, he shows how to get out of the high mount, into an elbow escape.

 Mount Escape - Hook the foot

Stephan Kesting

Time: 4:00

When I get mounted, this is what I try to do before I do the elbow hip escape.

 Mount Escape

Likke Studios

Time: 2:44

Lots of details on a classic escape.

 Mount Escape

Great Grappling

Time: 4:42

One of my favorite escapes puts me in Z guard real quick.

High Mount Escape

Carnage BJJ

Time: 2:07

Nice escape, a little bit of flexibility needed.