Full Mount Attacks - Vitor Paschoal

Vitor Paschoal

Time: 6:51

Two variations of how you can attack from full mount when your opponent is stopping you by protecting his neck. Cool armlock.


 Attack from Mount - Kurt Osiander

Brazilian Jiu jitsu with Kurt Osiander

Time: 4:23

Great video from Kurt Osiander on how to deal with a guy when your mounted and there tight. Armbar and a choke set up.

Double Attack from Mount - Philipe Della Monica

Gracie Barra Jiu-Jitsu

Time: 3:06

Really cool set up, and two good submissions.

Pedro Sauer Choke (fog choke) from Mount


Time: 3:14

Very cool choke. Its nice not having to go all the way with the grip.

 Mount Attacks - Scott Shields

Scott Shields

Time: 3:03

Cool detail about choking the guy with his own hand, that would suck! Classic arm lock as well.

Taking the back from Mount and Armbar 


Time : 4:52

Nice back take into an armbar. We teach the kids this to get as many points as possible.

Americana to Armbar from Mount


Time: 1:06

Classic combo! Key lock to armbar.