-Closed Guard-


 Closed Guard Passes

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 6:48

A fue guard pass variations from master Ricardo Cavalcanti.

Opening Closed Guard Concepts

Jason Scully

Time: 4:35

Can't pass the guard if you can't open the guard!

 Becoming a Guard Passing Finisher

Jason Scully

Time: 14:16

These concepts are needed if you want to become a good guard passer. Jason Scully has it down. WATCH THIS VIDEO!

 57 Guard Passes in 8 min

Jason Scully

Time: 8:00

That about sums it up! Great techniques!

Closed Guard Break and Pass


Time: 2:54

We call this the pulling hip pass. One of the first passes I learned. Very high percentage.

 Closed Guard Smash Pass

Carnage BJJ

Time: 3:22

This is a cool version of the smash pass. A lot of control with this pass.

 Closed Guard Pass to Cross Choke

Carnage BJJ

Time: 3:39

Pass works good. I like the control when your going for the choke with the knee on belly, it doesn't matter witch way your opponent hips out.