-Side Control-

Top Attacks

  Gi Tail Ezekiel Choke

Mark Massey

Time: 1:50

Nice and sneaky submission from side control.

 Side Control Attacks


Time: 8:49

Raphael Chaves shows us a couple side control attacks.

  Side Control Smash Armbar

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 3:39

Master Ricardo shows a vicious armbar from side control.

Clock Choke from Side Control

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 3:38

                               Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows us how to finish your opponent from side control with a clock choke. Awesome set up for this deadly choke!


9 Attacks Using Lapel from Side Control


Time: 14:16

If you like attacking your opponets side control with your lapel this is a must see video!

 Side Control Attacks

Ricardo Cavalcanti

Time: 7:09

Good details about side control. Nice arm lock off of the key lock defense, and a few killer chokes. Very cool video.

Scarf Attacks - Gabriel Santos


Time: 5:21

Cool submission chain. Nice choke off of the kumora, and a sick lapel choke.

Side Control Attack - Triangle with Lapel

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Time: 4:29

Nice set up, using the lapel to get a mounted triangle.

 Attack from Side Control - Kurt Osiander

Brazilian Jiu jitsu with Kurt Osiander

Time: 2:56

Kurt Osiander shows us a lapel choke from side control. Might be a little tricky, but if you get the lapel its a sick choke.

Back take from Side Control


Time: 5:04

Good controlling way to take the back from side control.