-Spider Guard-


Spider Guard pass- Rafael Mendes

Guilherme and Rafael Mendes

Time: 5:46

Hard to pass the spider guard. If you fallow all the steps this pass makes it easy.

Spider Guard Counter

Kurt Osiander

Time: 3:04

Kurt Osiander doing a spider guard pass. This works pretty good! I though maybe the pass wouldn't work but once you tuck the arm under the but and move your weight, you pass.

Hip Single- Leg Stack Spider Guard Pass

Devlinm 101

Time: 6:49

This is great! It shows the pass and they give good details. This pass has good control so it works.

 Spider Guard Pass to Armbar- Oswaldo Ornellas Neto

Dinny Ab dul Ghafar

Time: 2:48

WOW, didn't see that coming! Slick, need some confidence for this one.

Breaking Spider Guard Grips and Passing- Rodrigo Sul

Gracie Barra Twin Cities

Time: 1:55

I do this one all the time. works good but, you can't half ass the leg drag.

Pass Spider Guard with Prof. Jorge Pereira

Ivica Aleksovski

Time: 1:59

Nice! One of my favorite pass with a great armbar.