-Closed Guard-


Scissor Sweep Combo - Chris Lee Byrne

your jiujitsu

Time: 2:46

Chris Lee Byrne from Bo4 London shows a cool scissor sweep combo.  

  Armbar Sweep from the Guard

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 3:26

Master Ricardo shows a armbar from a failed flower sweep.

 Arm Drag to Pendulum Sweep

GB West Island

Time: 2:12

Awesome set up to a classic sweep, and a cool submission at the end!

 Closed Guard Sweep

Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Time: 8:07

This sweep works good, bit of set up time, but high percentage.

 Closed Guard Sweep

Kurt Osiander

Time: 3:31

Kurt Osiander fun to watch! Good sweep, even if he cheats a bit. Armbar works.

 Flower Sweep from Closed Guard

Carnage BJJ

Time: 2:01

Flower sweep, very high percentage sweep. Hit it all the time!

 Scissor Sweep from Closed Guard

RGA Brighton

Time: 5:33

First sweep I learned. Still hit it from time to time, but it's getting harder.

 Closed Guard Sweeps to submissions

Richmond BJJ Academy

Time: 7:19

I call this sweep the waiter sweep. works more than half the time, and you would be surprised how ofton you will get the armbar.

Closed Guard Star Sweep

Carnage BJJ

Time: 1:04

This star sweep works good if the waiter sweep doesn't work. a little practice and it's easy to pull off.