Clock Choke from Turtle: Arther Chandramohan


Time: 1:27

Arther "Zuka" sent this video in for us at, awesome Clock Choke variation.


 Turtle Guard Attacks

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 3:17

Master Ricardo Cavalcanti show two chokes and a quick armbar.


Judo Turtle Attacks for BJJ

Stephen Kesting

Time: 6:17

Lost of judo attacks from turtle for jiu jitsu.

 Turtle Attacks - Prof Marcio Feitosa

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu

Time: 3:50

Professor Marcio Feitosa show a turtle attack with lots of details.

 Turtle Attacks

Training Jiu Jitsu

Time: 3:01

Nice set up for a killer choke and into the crusifix.

 Turtle Attack

Ricardo Cavalcanti

Time: 3:01

Some nice tricky turtle attacks from master Ricardo Cavalcanti.

 Turtle Attacks - Loop Chokes

Ricardo Cavalcanti

Time: 4:34

Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows two killer set ups for loop chokes.

 Turtle Attack - Rear Naked Choke


Time: 5:58

Cool details to get the back from turtle, and a classic submission.