Full Guard from the Turtle

New Breed Academy

Time: 4:35

Cool way to get back to guard from the turtle position.

 Turtle Escape - Roll Over


Time: 3:30

This is a classic escape from turtle.

 Turtle Escape - to Back

Renato Tavares

Time: 1:55

Awesome escape to the back from turtle. Works good!

Escape from Turtle

Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu

Time: 2:24

This is the first escape I try, when I'm escaping from the turtle.

Turtle Escape

Michael A

Time: 5:00

Theses are some cool escapes from the turtle, and a cool Darce choke as well.

Turtle Escapes

Liam H Wandi

Time: 4:42

Cool Way to get to guard, and to the back.