-Wrist Locks-

Sneaky Wrist locks

VT1 Mixed Martial Arts Academy

Time: 2:43

Liam Resnekov, shows some very cool wrist locks.

 Wrist Lock from Closed Guard


Time: 2:19

Nice and Slick!!

  Wrist lock from Mount

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 2:01

Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows a slick wrist lock from mount.

Wrist Lock - Kimura Lock


Time: 3:44

I like this wrist lock I try it all the time, doesn't always work.

 Wrist Lock Attacks

MileHigh MMANetwork

Time: 6:46

Some nice wrist locks in this video, practice is needed.

 Wrist Lock - Keenan Cornelius

Breakthrough Jiu Jitsu

Time: 3:25

Cool set up for this wrist lock.

 Wrist Lock - Ryron Gracie


Time: 2:34

Wow, very cool wrist lock and set up.

 Wrist Lock Seminar

Sen-Foong Lim

Time: 21:10

This video is a must see if you want to learn some cool wrist locks.

Wrist Lock from Guard

Ernest Estrada

Time: 1:24

I'm putting this one in the tool box for sure.

Wrist Lock

Ricardo Cavalcanti BJJ

Time: 3:33

Awesome, wile your opponent thinks your going for the key lock your really going for a wrist lock.