-X Guard-


 Augusto Tanquinho Mendes X Guard Pass


Time: 2:15

This is the pass I use, the hard part is controlling the arm. do the best you can with the arm and push that foot. You will have to lean in a little so you can pull your foot away.

 Passing the X Guard Emily Kwok

Stephan Kesting

Time: 2:05

Emily Kwok shows basically the same pass as above, but finished in knee on belly. Got to attack that foot.

 X Guard Pass

Kurt Osiander

Time: 3:39

Kurt Osiander, always fun to watch. this is a timing pass for sure, and if you miss the under hook you done.

X Guard Pass

Great Grappling

Time: 4:35

Cool version of a classic pass. Good tip about keeping the hand on the foot after the pass so you don't get in to a reverse triangle.