-X Guard-

Sweeps and Attacks

X Guard to Triangle: Miyao Brothers

BJJ Video Vault

Time: 3:02

The Miyao brothers show a entry to X guard and a slick triangle.

X Guard Sweep to the Back - Shane Fishman

Mike Weichert

Time: 1:23

Shane Fishman shows us how to do a X guard sweep to the back from a butterfly sweep set up, at the 2014 GTA Classic in Brampton Ont. Sorry about the sound, time to get a little microphone!


3 X Guard Sweeps

MMA Leech

Time: 6:51

3 X Guard sweeps. Butterfly guard to deep half guard to X guard is a nice set up, finishing with 3 good sweeps.

 JT Torres X Guard to Back


Time: 2:07

Slick way to take the back from X guard. Another one for the toolbox!

X Guard Sweep to Knee on Belly

Great Grappling

Time: 5:30

This is a good video of the basics of X guard, nice sweep to.

X Guard Takedown Sweep

Time: 6:04

Two nice sweeps, and a little X guard retention from the master.

 X Guard Sweep

Renato Tavares

Time: 1:45

Awesome set up to the X guard, and a slick sweep.

 X Guard Pull Sweep


Time: 4:23

Some X guard basics. Cool Sweep, with some drilling and timing this sweep works.