-Z Guard-

 Attacks and Sweeps

 Z Guard Sweep



This is a great sweep. once you get the set up it work pretty good, and it looks cool.

 Z Guard Sweep

Carnage BJJ

Time: 1:35

Cool sweep, I use it from side control. Work my way north/south and roll.

Half Guard to Z Guard

Mike Weichert

Time: 2:07

This is me, Mike Weichert showing how to get to Z guard from half guard.

Z Guard Kumora

Mike Weichert

Time: 1:06

Basic Kumora from Z guard. I like this submission.

 Z Guard Muir Lock

Mike Weichert

Time: 1:00

This is a good one. you can really trick your opponent in to it.

 Z Guard to the Old School Sweep

Mike Weichert

Time: 2:25

This is one of my best sweeps from half guard but sometimes there isn't enough space, so I do it from Z guard insted.